Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sources of Urdu Poetry

If you are an active reader of Urdu poetry, then you should know several places where you can for sure find examples of Urdu poetry. There places are your local library, the Internet and family.
It is quit possible that you’ll find some examples of Urdu poetry at your local library, because such libraries are supposed to have examples of all kinds of literature. It is no doubts that you’ll find something from Urdu poetry which you’ll like to read. And if you know exactly what you would you like to find, that is name of the author or the title of the book, then you can look for it at library catalogue. And you can additionally to look for some information about Hindu culture in order to understand better Urdu poetry.
The second source of Urdu poetry is the Internet. As you know, in the Internet it is possible to find almost everything. In fact it is not difficult to find Urdu poetry in the Internet, because there are many fans of this kind of poetry and you can find their web-pages with examples of Urdu poetry. If you like Urdu poetry very much, you can think abut learning Hindu language and learn Urdu poetry in original language.
As for the third source of Urdu poetry, you can get some Urdu poetry id you are Hindu, or at least one of your relatives is Hindu. If you are lucky to be a member of Hindu family and your family has examples of Urdu poetry, then it is an excellent chance to get to know this type of poetry closer.

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  1. Very nice Urdu poetry.
    I am sharing some of my favorite urdu poetry here.

    Wo kon tha jo mujhy aisy mila k koi gham na raha,
    Jo dour reh kr b mujsy dour na raha,

    Jany kab sy hamy uski talash thi.
    Jb btana chaha usy tou koi lafz na raha,

    Usy dakhny ki chah me nighahen tarsi hy meri
    Or jb nigha mili tou waqt hi na raha ,

    Lamha lamha uski yado me hi guzar jata hy.
    Wo tabir tou hy meri lekin ab koi khuwab na raha..!