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Mazhar Kaleem

Mazhar Kaleem is a Pakistani novelist chiefly famous for his Imran Series novels, Urdu spy fiction written within Imran Series mythos created by the late Ibn-e-Safi.

He is known for writing the Imran Series and has written short stories for children as well. He is the anchorperson of a famous saraiki radio talk show from Radio Multan, "Jamhoor-de-Awaz". He is a successful lawyer who was elected as Senior Vice President of Multan Bar Council and he heads a chamber in District Courts Multan.

Mazhar Kaleem was born on 22nd July 1942 in Multan. His father Hamid Yar Khan was a retired police Inspector. He belongs to a Pathan family,"Muhammad Zai" in Multan, who settled in Multan after migrating from Afghanistan in the late 19th century. His original name is Mazhar Nawaz Khan; however he is now only known as his literary pen name, Mazhar Kaleem Khan.

He studied in Islamia high school Multan and graduated from Emerson College (Current Government College) . He was a color holder in basketball and bodybuilding from Emerson College. After graduating he taught as a master in a government high school, Daulat Gate, but he left it to pursue more studies at the University of Multan (currently Bahauddin Zakariya University) to do his M.A. in Urdu Literature and LL.B. He is a senior lawyer in Multan Bench of Lahore High Court.

===Literary Work===

Mazhar Kaleem acquired fame through writing about Ibn-e-Safi's famous character in the Imran Series in the late 1960s. After Ibn-e-Safi many writers tried to write within the Imran series but few have lasted beyond a few novels except Kaleem. He has now written over four hundred novels. He has brought many new characters to the Imran Series and introduced various new topics like mystic crimes (Misaale Dunya) and economic crimes (Kaghazee Qiyamat).

Mazhar Kaleem has also written stories for young children. He has introduced many characters like Chaloosak Maloosak, Chan Changloo, and Aangloo Baangloo & Faisal Shahzad Series beside using Umru Ayyar and Tarzan in his stories.

Chaloosak Maloosak are two brothers and their father who was a top notch scientist made a space travel vehicle which his sons secretly used one day and left for space tourism. In each story they reach a new planet with exotic creatures and challenges to their lives.

Chan Changlo is a small boy with a lot of Nuri powers to fight against Wizards and he has a friend Mangloo Monkey. Chan Changloo fights against evil powers in each story and brings relief to common people.

Aangloo & Bangloo are two brothers. Aangloo is tall, thin with a big head and Bangloo is fat, short and small head. Both are bachelors and in search of a bride. In each story they fight with wizards, gennies and other forces to get a princess. The stories are extremely humorous and very original in storyline. They are always caught in a fix in the end as the princess is one and cannot marry both and she sends them to some other world to get an even beautiful princess.

His Books:

===Imran Series===

Imran Ki Maout (Imran's Death)
Ladies Secret Service
Black Prince
Faiz Science Academy
Danger Land
Red Point
Black Mask
Double Lock
Super Master Group
Pakisia Club
Red Flag
Agent From Power Land
Lancer Five
Zinda Sayee (Living Shadows)
Power Land
True Man
Diamond of Death
Naqabl-e-Taskhir Mujrim (Undefeatable criminals)
Maut ka Raqs (Dance of Death)
Four Corners
Silver Girl
Great Fight
Red Chief
Death Circle
Golden Agent
Special Mission
Special Agent Brono
Road Side Story
Death Group
Dark Club
Shooting Power
Jawana In Action
Light House
Snake Killers
Last Moment
Smart Mission
Fort Dam
Hanging Death
Fuog Task
Karaoun Agency
Ladies Mission
Saajan Center
Red Power
Ladies Killeres
Power Land Ki Tabahi
Pressure Lock
One Man Show
Super Agent Safdar
Easy Mission
Secret Service Mission
Silver Hands
Adventure Mission
Jasoos-e-Azam (The Greatest Spy)
Red Point
Makartwo Sandicate
Blue Film
Gunja Bhikari (Bald Beggar)
Black Prince
Agent From Power Land
Beggars Mafia
Dark Eye part 1
Dark Eye part 2
Shudarmaan part 1
Shudarmaan part 2
J S P part 1
J S P part 2
Chief Agent part 1
Chief Agent part 2
Red Army part 1
Red Army part 2
Red Army Network part 3
Red Army Network part 4
Faban Socity
Fohaag International
Shooting Power
One Man Show
C Egale part 1
C Egale part 2
Snake Killers
Grass Dam part 1
Grass Dam part 2
Zigzag Mission part 1
Zigzag Mission part 2
Black Fee part 1
Black Fee part 2
Red Zero Agency
Death Rays
Jinati Duniya
Special section
Beggars Mafia
Free Sacks
Dashing Agent part 1
Dashing Agent part 2
Black Thander
Pakishia Club
Supreme Fighter
Birth Stone
Wood King
Water Power (part 1)
Great Ball (part 2)
Great Victory (part 1)
Black Bagos (part 2)
Dogo Fighters part 1
Dogo Fighters part 2
Secret Heart
Action Group part 1
Action Group part 2
Well Done Mr. Aleem
Special Plan
Blood Rays part 1
Blood Rays part 2
Desert Commandos
Black agents
Nakabel-E-Taskeer Mujrim part 1
Maout Ka Raqus part 2
Misali Duniya
Fast action
Robin HUD
Prince Of Dhamp
Bankay Mujram
Bankay Mujram
Black fighters
Black Strip. part 1
Black Strip. Part 2
Black thunder
Bright Stone
Carcuz point
Cat rat game part 1
Cat rat game part 2
Cotton syed
Cross Mission Part. 1
Cross Mission Part. 2
Rock head
Rosy rascal
Royal Service
Tarson agency
Treaty Parts 1
Treaty Parts 2
White shadow
X V file
Zero Blast
Zinda Saye
S thori
Golden Spot. Vol. 1
Golden Spot. Vol. 2
Base camp. Part 1
Base camp. Part 2
Makruh Jurm. Part 1
Makruh jurm. Part 2
Prince Shama
Red zero agency
Zaheen Agent
Four stars. Vol. 2
Four stars. Vol. 2
Fyland Part 1
Fyland Part 2
Heli Kat
Hot Fight Part. 1
Hot Fight Part. 2 I
Imran ka aghwa
Juliana top action
Karkis point
Ladies Island Part 1
Ladies Island Part 2
Marya sekshan
Mushkbari code
Prince kachan. Part 1
Prince kachan. Part 2
Red Medusa
Death rays
Dog crime
Double mission part 1
Double Mission part 2
Black Crime part 1
Black Crime part 2
Black Face part 1
Black Face part 2
Black Fighters
Bloody Syndicate
Escape Gray
Prince Vinchal
Hi Fi# Operation Sandwich
Top Rock
Star Track
Julia Fight Group
Wonder Plan
Lady Sanderta
Black Hounds
Easy Mission
Secret Service Mission
Red Dot
Logasa Mission
Jim Might
Big Bose
Tatar Daggers
Super Mission
Third Force
Black Street
Daghing Mission
Jayalay Jasoos (Brave spies) "Best Selling"
Karvan-e-Dehshat "Best Selling"
Zero Lastri
X-2 Koan (Who is X-2)
Hollow Wall
Black Kalaar
Srar Track
Bloody Syndicate
Khamoash Cheikhein (Silent Cries)
Rascal's King
Lady Eagles
Maut ka Daira (Death Circle)
Madaam (Madam) "2nd part of Basashi"
Juliana Top Action
Black Thunder
Black Thunder-II
Zero over Zero
Sajaan Centre
Face of Death

Mazhar Kaleem MA has now started his new publication known as ��Khan Brothers��.In Which he publish his new �Imran Series.He does not give any reason about this change and leaving �Yousuf Brothers�.The list of his new books are:

*Tiger In Action(part 1 & 2)
*Secret Center
*Blind Mission
*Target Imran
*Rozi Raskal Mission
*Devil Pearle Headquater
*Blue Hawks

===Stories for Children===
Aangloo Baangloo Series:

*Aangloo Baangloo
*Aangloo Baangloo Samundar Mein
*Aangloo Baangloo Paristan Mein
*Aangloo Baangloo kee Shadee

===Chaloosak Maloosak===

*Chaloosak Maloosak
*Chaloosak Maloosak aur Samundari Dev
*Chaloosak Maloosak aur Umru Ayyar
*Chaloosak Maloosak aur zubata Dev
*Chaloosak Maloosak Tlism-e-Hosh Ruba Mein
*Chaloosak Maloosak aur Chan Changloo

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